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One of the things I love the most about Platform as a Service offerings is the fact that it makes it so I don’t have to do silly things backup SQL Server databases on RDS. I’m also a paranoid control freak, aka, a DBA.

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  • Grant Fritchey

Many enterprises have already adopted Kubernetes or have a Kubernetes migration plan in place, making it clear that the platform is here to stay. While it provides a lot of benefits to its users, to take advantage of them, you need to thoroughly learn Kubernetes and how it works in production.

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  • Gedalyah Reback

Data is both our most valuable asset and our biggest ongoing challenge. As data grows in volume, variety and complexity, across applications, clouds and siloed systems, traditional ways of working with data no longer work.

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  • Navneet Mathur

In today’s video we’ll give a quick demonstration of Hybrid Partitioned Tables, introduced in Oracle Database 19c. The video is based on this 19c article.

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  • Tim...

To continue the tip series, this PowerShell script will collect information to build the inventory of SQL Server Agent jobs for all of the servers that have been registered for this monitoring solution.

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  • Alejandro Cobar

I need to programmatically compare SQL Server tables, columns, indexes and constraints between databases to determine what is the same, differences and additions. How can this be accomplished?

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  • Mircea Dragan

Operating Systems are a major part of our lives. Mobile phones, computers and the cloud — which serves as a backbone of the entire internet — utilize them every single day. However Operating Systems are not limited to these complex machines, for example MiniOS which is developed for Arduino.

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The core Oracle JDBC drivers jar i.e., ojdbc8.jar can be used in isolation however, depending on the use cases such as connection pooling, high availability, connectivity to database cloud services, NLS, and so on, additional jars are required.

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  • Kuassi Mensah

In the meetup, I presented Couchbase Autonomous Operator our journey to being Cloud-Native and the innovation we did on this platform. Also, I did a LIVE DEMO of fully provisioning the Couchbase cluster on the OpenShift Container Platform using the Operator Lifecycle Manager.

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  • Anil Kumar

In this post, we share some basics about working with time ranges in Flux. A: Flux requires a time range when querying InfluxDB. “Unbounded” queries are very resource-intensive and as a protective measure, Flux won’t query InfluxDB without a specified range.

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  • Nora Mullen

In this week’s video, Will Lyon shows how to import spatial data for the GRANDstack Real Estate Search App. Stefan Dreverman explains how to read and write data in the low code platform, Neo4j 4.1 is released, and Amr Khaled showed how to build an Instagram clone.

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  • Mark Needham

Join us for Digital Making at Home: this week, young people can learn about encryption and e-safety with us! With Digital Making at Home, we invite kids all over the world to code along with us and our new videos every week. Check out this week’s code-along projects!

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  • Kevin Johnson

27th Jun 2020

In April, when I updated from MySQL 8.0.17 to MySQL 8.0.19, I found that my Java connection example failed. That’s because of a change in the JDBC driver, which I blogged about then. Starting yesterday, I began updating a base Fedora 30 configuration again to MySQL 8.0.20.

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LogDNA sponsored this post. As cloud native applications become more pervasive, enterprises are looking to bring similar architectures and services to their heritage monolithic applications.

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  • Matthew Johnson

Back in October 2019, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud jointly announced The Open Application Model which is a standard, platform-agnostic way to describe cloud and edge applications. The main goal of OAM is pretty much twofold:

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  • Ryan Zhang

With the latest release of Redis Enterprise 6.0.6, our Kubernetes operator includes a new database controller that provides the ability to create databases via custom resources.

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  • Alex Milowski

One of the most common support tickets we get at Percona is the infamous “database is running slower” ticket.  While this can be caused by a multitude of factors, it is more often than not caused by a bad query.

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  • Mike Benshoof

With the increased need for data analytics and data science that is even more granular and allows for self-service analytics. Getting access to the data you need still is far from easy.

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  • SeattleDataGuy

Join Sveta Smirnova, MySQL Engineer at Percona, as she discusses modern solutions for modern database loads. MySQL is famous for working well in high performing environments. This is the reason why it is the most popular backend for web applications.

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  • David Quilty

Red Hat Satellite is a great tool to automate deployment, provisioning, patching and configuration of your infrastructure, but how can you automate Satellite itself? Using the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and the Satellite Ansible Content Collection, of course!

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  • Evgeni Golov

In the previous article, Start your journey with Azure Cosmos DB, we provided you with the backpack that helps you to start your journey with Azure Cosmos DB and filled it with detailed information about the Cosmos DB usage benefits, how to create your first Cosmos DB account, create a new database,

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  • Ahmad Yaseen

On Wednesday 24 June 2020, MariaDB Server 10.5 was released GA. While there are several cool new features included, this first 10.5 blog is about the groundbreaking new component, ColumnStore. ColumnStore brings data warehousing to the world of MariaDB Server.

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  • Kaj Arnö

I believe that language matters, and that it is worth our effort to move away from language associated with slavery and racism whenever possible. Azure DevOps doesn’t technically allow you to…

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A new release of InfluxDB 2.0 Beta is available now. We will be shipping regular updates as we add new features and fix issues. Please keep in mind that these beta builds are not meant for testing performance or production usage.

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  • Russ Savage

This year the Postgres Vision 2020 conference was a Free Virtual Event that took place on June 23-24, 2020 and the Postgres Vision Theme was “Postgres is for builders” Experts, IT professionals and Postgres community leaders from all around the world were talking about the future of Postgres, re

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  • Saïd Mendi

The larger an enterprise becomes, the more systems and applications there are to monitor, and the more scalable its monitoring system has to be to keep up with business growth.

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  • Chris Churilo

As defined by Microsoft, Azure Databricks "... is an Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform.

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  • Ryan Kennedy

Comparing analytical query processing in MongoDB and Couchbase. The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers. — Richard Hamming The spiral of running the business, analyzing what to change & what to change to, and then changing the business is an eternal one.

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  • Keshav Murthy

It’s been 177 days since our last release – version 19.4 at the end of December, 2019! Obviously, much has happened since then. The astute amongst you would have noticed there WAS NOT a version 20.1 release. This was a conscious decision on our part to hit ‘pause’ vs bragging about 20.

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  • thatjeffsmith

You can use the popular programming language Python to manage data stored in MariaDB. Here is everything you need to know about connecting to MariaDB from Python for retrieving, updating, and inserting information.

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