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Cloud Native PostgreSQL and Cloud Native BDR are the two Kubernetes operators written by 2ndQuadrant entirely from scratch in the Go language and relying exclusively on the Kubernetes API. The reason behind this choice stands on an important 3-word concept: Immutable Application Containers.

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  • Gabriele Bartolini

This month, 15 community folks contributed code – I think that’s an all-time high for a single month’s release! Good work, y’all. Thanks for payin’ it forward. The bad news is that they’re almost all bug fixes, hahaha.

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  • Brent Ozar

In this article, we will review how to set up multi-subnet Always On Availability groups using AWS EC2 instances and AWS FSx as file share witness. Let’s go over these steps one by one.

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  • Jignesh Raiyani

It’s release roundup time here at Percona! Our Release Roundups showcase the latest software updates, tools, and features to help you manage and deploy our software, with highlights and critical information, as well as links to the full release notes and direct links to the software or service its

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  • David Quilty

Why would I be concerned with prepared statements? Wouldn’t sql_batch_completed and rpc_completed cover us? Well, no. What happens when you use sp_prepare? What happens when you’re using an ORM tool that’s using prepared statements? You may see queries that look like this:

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  • Grant Fritchey

“What we really want to do is transform Oracle’s market,” Cockroach Labs co-founder and CEO Spencer Kimball told me in a recent interview. It was part of his explanation for why Cockroach Labs chose to build a relational database system in the middle of the cloud computing era.

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  • Richard MacManus

6th Jul 2020

Our Data Parsing Wizard allows you to define your own custom parsing method for your logs using an easy to use dedicated wizard. Follow these 4 steps in order to start parsing your data today.

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Deadlocks is a topic covered many times and with a lot of articles on the web, also from Percona. I suggest you review the reference section for articles on how to identify Deadlocks and from where they are generated.

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  • Marco Tusa

Data is both our most valuable asset and our biggest ongoing challenge. As data grows in volume, variety and complexity, across applications, clouds and siloed systems, traditional ways of working with data no longer work.

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  • Navneet Mathur

In today’s video we’ll give a quick demonstration of deploying an APEX application using the SQLcl implementation of Liquibase. I Know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I do this video two weeks ago? The answer is yes and no.

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  • Tim...

PG13; not to be confused with PG-13, only PostgreSQL Guidance required here! PostgreSQL Beta 1 was released on May 21, 2020 and Beta 2 on June 25, 2020. A beta might not be bug free, but it almost always includes all core features of the full release. PG betas are no different.

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  • Hamid Akhtar

I frequently get requests to refresh a test / dev SQL Server database and need a way to test database backups from the latest full backup of a production database.

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  • Joe Gavin

The Data Scientist and Data Analyst roles are critical for organizations looking to extract insight from information assets from any kind of structured or un-structured data.

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  • Matteo Lorini

Containers continue to revolutionize enterprise architectures. Although there are many benefits of using this technology, many DBAs shy away from it. Perhaps because it’s a foreign technology, or simply because they don’t understand its applications.

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  • Contributors

. I’ll reference Alex DeBrie article “SQL, NoSQL, and Scale: How DynamoDB scales where relational databases don’t“, especially the paragraph about “Why relational databases don’t scale”.

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  • Franck Pachot

The agenda of this blog is simple. We’ll discuss various parameters that we keep in mind while deciding a perfect database for our Application Service. In terms of data engineering, data pressure is the ability of the system to process the amount of data at a reasonable cost or a reasonable time.

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  • OM

The Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster(PXC) comes with ProxySQL as part of the deal. And to be honest, the behavior of ProxySQL is pretty much the same as in a regular non-k8s deployment of it.

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  • Daniel Guzmán Burgos

A new wave of attacks is targeting unsecured MongoDB database servers and wiping their content attempting to extort a ransom to the victims.

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  • Pierluigi Paganini

In this article, I am going to explain in detail about SSIS memory usage and how can we optimize out tasks and the data flow to leverage maximum benefits from the in-memory operating tool.

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  • Aveek Das

. This is a demo about Oracle ACFS snapshots, and how to understand the used and free space, as displayed by “df”, when there are modifications in the base parent or the snapshot children.

  • blog.dbi-services.com
  • Franck Pachot

It is the first Friday in July, so I wanted to wish DBAs everywhere a Happy DBA Appreciation Day! Day in and day out your DBAs are working behind the scenes to make sure that your applications have access to the mission-critical data they need to operate correctly and efficiently.

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  • Craig

MongoDB and CouchDB both are the types of document-based NoSQL databases. A document database is also called mdocument store, and they are usually used to store the document format of the semi-structured data and detailed description of it.

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  • Mani Yangkatisal

In this article, we will take a step forward and integrate Git installed locally on the GitHub. First, it is essential to understand the difference between Git and GitHub terminology.

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  • Rajendra Gupta

Partitioning is an integral data management strategy for high-performance and high-volume database applications. PostgreSQL provides excellent partitioning support that is constantly evolving. 

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  • Bilal Ibrar

If you’re in a situation where you need to resolve a gap in a Data Guard environment due to missing/corrupt archive logs, rolling forward the Physical Standby would be your best option vs. having to rebuild your entire physical standby database.

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  • Marvin Lapid

Welcome to this week’s #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Editor-in-Chief, Bryce Merkl Sasaki, showed us how graph-powered drug discovery and pharmaceutical research helps in the fight against COVID-19.

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  • Zaw Win Htet

We were in the process of migrating our SQL server environment to an Azure SQL (PaaS) solution. We have built a few Azure SQL Instances for our production environment and migrated our databases to those instances.

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  • Atul Gaikwad

RedisInsight is an easy and intuitive GUI for Redis, allowing you to oversee all your databases and manage your data, with built-in support for the most popular Redis modules. It provides tools to analyze your database’s memory usage and profile its performance. 

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  • Stévan Le Meur

About 75 percent of container orchestration is done in Kubernetes. But the popularity of the k8s platform doesn’t mean it’s easy to use in all scenarios. Kubernetes can have a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to managing state and storage.

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  • Charlotte Dillon

With the release of MariaDB Community Server 10.5, we continue what we started with our first divergence from MySQL, adding important features while maintaining key points of compatibility. To reflect our differentiation from MySQL, MariaDB Community Server 10.

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  • Max Mether