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…a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.  —William Strunk Jr.

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  • Keshav Murthy

I was looking for a tool that could evaluate MongoDB performance under a complex workload, besides simple key-value operations that benchmarks like YCSB provides.

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  • Vadim Tkachenko

This is our June drop for Index Advisor service for N1QL after fixing some of the bugs that were found after our last refresh in May. We plan to keep improvising the Index Advisor service(What is it?).

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  • Kamini Jagtiani

Keeping SQL Server instances patched can be a time-consuming task for DBAs. In this article, Alejandro Cobar explains how he created a service in Azure that anyone can use to retrieve the build information for SQL Server.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) — From Scratch When faced with database challenges such as reliability, availability and application performance, engineering leadership sometimes consider building a custom solution in-house, such as the “Manhattan” project at Twitter described here: Over the years, we

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Loops are one of the most basic, still very powerful concepts in programming – the same stands for SQL Server loops. Today, we’ll give a brief info on how they function and introduce more complex concepts in upcoming articles of this series.

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  • Emil Drkusic

At Grafana Labs, we’re all big fans of the Prometheus and Grafana combination. To an extent, we just won’t shut up about it. We strongly believe in simplicity and think you shouldn’t need any extra effort to understand the metrics of your service(s) holistically.

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  • Josue Abreu

15th Jun 2020

If you want to use git to it's full potential, you must know about Git commands. Fuel is an essential element for car.

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Hello world, I have been learning Docker 🐳. I wanted to share some basics command to get started as a developer, I hope you know the basics about What is docker, containers or virtualization? I am using Windows 10 2004 Update 🐱‍👓, this update comes with WSL2.

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Oracle has recently received reports of attempts to maliciously exploit a number of recently-patched vulnerabilities, including vulnerability CVE-2020-2883, which affects multiple versions of Oracle WebLogic Server.

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  • Eric Maurice

As InfluxDB continues to grow and improve, more and more developers are using it as the platform of choice for their own solutions.

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  • Michael Hall

24/7 Production Support Developer Support Remote DBA for PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Database Monitoring PostgreSQL Health Check PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Database Security Audit Upgrade PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Migration Assessment Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

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CockroachDB offers a number of features aimed at making it easy to support your application in multiple regions. In CockroachDB 20.1, we introduced a new feature Online Primary Key Changes that allows you to upgrade your application from a single-region to multi-region with zero downtime.

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  • Andy Woods

24/7 Production Support Developer Support Remote DBA for PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Database Monitoring PostgreSQL Health Check PostgreSQL Performance Tuning Database Security Audit Upgrade PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Migration Assessment Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL

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  • Bilal Ibrar

Recommendation engines have become a crucial component of modern applications of all types. This core need has triggered a shift from relational and big-data approaches to graph-based technologies that are purpose-built to handle the rigorous demands of real-time recommendations.

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  • Navneet Mathur

Our agency has a number of SQL Server databases for which mirroring was implemented a couple of years ago. When I looked at the endpoints, I noticed that they are using the RC4 encryption algorithm.

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  • Tim Cullen

1:N relationships, schema visualization, normalization and more. These are some of the subjects approached in this article on MongoDB design. MongoDB is a popular database that works without imposing any kind of schema.

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  • Rafaelo Condret

. Advocates of NoSQL can query their structures without having to read a data model first. And without writing long table join clauses.

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  • Franck Pachot

In MongoDB, large data sets involve high throughput operations and this may overwhelm the capacity of a single server. Large working data sets implicate more stress on the I/O capacity of disk devices and may lead to a problem such as Page Faults. There are mainly two ways of solving this...

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  • Onyancha Brian Henry

In most cases, MySQL password instructions provide information on changing MySQL user passwords on the production system (e.g., reset root password without restart). It is even recommended to change passwords regularly for security reasons.

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  • Mykola Marzhan

In this article, we will analyze a simple T-SQL query execution plan with different aspects. This will help us to improve our practical skills instead of discussing theoretical knowledge.

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  • Esat Erkec

This article gives you an overview of the AWS Lambda function to automatically start and stop AWS RDS SQL Server.

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  • Rajendra Gupta

Transaction is the most basic concept of a database. Using begin and end command in PostgreSQL can start and commit a transaction. Of course, this is the most common PostgreSQL transaction. In addition, there are sub transaction, multi transaction, 2pc transaction concepts in PostgreSQL.

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  • Movead Li

Phil Factor distills the basic tasks of the database development stage and explains how SQL Compare can help tackle them.

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  • ANTS Performance Profiler

Use the world’s most popular open source monitoring and troubleshooting technologies as a service on the cloud. Scalability, availability and security assured. Use a unified solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and security. Logz.

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A vulnerability has been discovered in IBM WebSphere Application Server that could allow for remote code execution. IBM WebSphere Application Server is a software framework and middleware that hosts Java-based web applications.

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While it is still early days, it is exciting to see the YugabyteDB community hit some cool milestones! We wanted to share them with you, plus update you some additional community related news. First things first.

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  • Karthik Ranganathan

For years, IBM’s Netezza proved to be an excellent option for companies to run advanced analytics on a single data warehouse appliance without needing to set up and configure a traditional data warehouse.

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  • Robb Sinclair

Ashish Thusoo Ashish Thusoo is the CEO and co-founder of Qubole. Before co-founding Qubole in 2011, Ashish led Facebook’s Data Infrastructure team and built one of the largest data processing and analytics platforms in the world.

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  • Ashish Thusoo

Day-to-day database operation requires, from an administrator, deep knowledge of db internals and security issues, in particular things like SQL injections. In order to prevent such kind of an attack, we have included go-sql-driver into our code for secure placeholder escaping.

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  • Max Dudin