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18th Jun 2020

It’s hard to imagine that 2 years ago SSL was optional i.e. browsers didn’t make it abundantly clear that the site you are on is ‘Not Secure’.

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Multi-cloud deployments of open source databases require considerations such as high availability, scalability, resiliency, backups, and disaster recovery.

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  • Paul Namuag

This article highlights some of the facts and realities of Oracle's licensing process, including the realities of what you should do to protect yourself.

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  • Ann Carpenter

Alex Post Alex Post is a Data Engineer at Clearcover, an insurance provider, working on deploying machine learning models. In his free time, he enjoys space movies, golfing, and playing with his new puppy.

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  • Alex Post

17th Jun 2020

Being a creative is essentially like having a superpower. We get to create things that didn’t exist before, and most of us do this well. It’s a tremendous power to have if you really think about it. I like to consider myself a creative.

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The RED Method (Rate, Errors, Duration) is one of the more popular performance monitoring approaches.  It is often applied to Monitoring Microservices though there is nothing that prevents it from being applied to databases like MySQL.

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  • Peter Zaitsev

Transactions are hard. Distributed transactions are harder. Distributed transactions over the WAN are final boss hardness. - Andy Pavlo FaunaDB is a distributed database platform that supports serializable, externally consistent (also known as strict serializability) transactions.

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AIOps is a term Gartner invented to describe a general trend of applying AI techniques to IT Operations data sources to provide additional insights and scale to the teams operating today’s complex software system.

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  • Jonah Kowall

I was recently trying to troubleshoot a SQL Server replication-related deadlock that our monitoring tool didn't capture, and tried to find information about it in the system_health Extended Events session.

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  • Aaron Bertrand

SQL Server comes installed with 4 system databases by default. They are master, model, msdb, and TempDB. I need to know what the system database "model" is and what it is used for. These previous tutorials cover msdb and master in great detail. This tip will cover the model database.

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  • Eric Blinn

Let's talk about pages. You know, like this Because we never want to give our website visitors all of our data, we present them in pages and let users load more as they please.

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I know, how dare I suggest running a script in production. I am a Site Reliability Engineer, I should never condon such craziness. But truth is, there will likely come a time when you need to run a script in production to update or cleanup some data.

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In this blog post, we are going to look into how to deploy a MariaDB replication setup in a multi-cloud environment. Suppose our primary application is located at AWS, it's the best idea to set up AWS as the primary datacenter hosting the MariaDB master.

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  • Ashraf Sharif

What can I do? Today I want to spend a few moments to explore your choices with Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) when encountering this scenario. I’ve talked about it before, but repetition doesn’t hurt. I’ll even admit, it’s good practice for me!

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Robert Brennan Robert Brennan is director of open source software at Fairwinds, the Kubernetes enablement company. He focuses on the development of software that abstracts away the complexity of underlying infrastructure to enable an optimal experience for engineers.

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  • Robert Brennan

MariaDB SkySQL is the only database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that supports transactions, analytics and smart transactions (HTAP) for MariaDB. For developers, this means access to a wider range of data, enabling you to build modern applications that are engaging and deliver a better customer experience.

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  • Rob Hedgpeth

Join Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona, as he discusses database challenges and the concepts of open source and open core. Over the years, open source companies have tried to bring products to market and maximize their revenue streams.

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  • David Quilty

JetBrains released a new version of DataGrip that includes support for MongoDB and ships with the MongoDB Shell out of the box. A few months ago, JetBrains released the first version of DataGrip that supports MongoDB.

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When dealing with SQL Server performance tuning waits, we may see RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE waits along with other related monitoring that indicates memory as a possible pain point for our server (such as the below image that shows memory being one of the top waits overall).

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  • Timothy Smith

This is the third article in a series on the basics of using Git. The other articles in the series are: In the first few articles, we set up a repository and shared files through GitHub. In this article, we will explain what a branch is, how to create one, and how to get a new one from GitHub.

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16th Jun 2020

This page is dedicated to database application engineering and provides an entry-point for resources on this topic. Also see Database Team in Enablement.

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CockroachDB 20.1 introduces support for nested transactions, a SQL feature which simplifies the work of programmers of certain client applications. In this post, we'll explore when and where to use nested transactions, when not to use them, and how they work in a distributed environment. 

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  • Raphael

When Robert Dale joined  MAN Energy Solutions, as an IT architect, one of the first things he noticed was that maintaining CIS compliance across one of the world’s largest ship engine and turbomachinery companies was not going to be easy as he had hoped.

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  • B. Cameron Gain

Tutorial for Querying data from QuestDB in a Jupyter Notebook. Getting Started To get started, you'll need a few things installed and set up. This should be quick.

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  • David G. Simmons

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has quickly become a leading choice for machine learning workloads.

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  • Julien Simon

15th Jun 2020

Database security refers to the range of tools, controls, and measures designed to establish and preserve database confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This article will focus primarily on confidentiality since it’s the element that’s compromised in most data breaches.

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15th Jun 2020

Barely a week goes by without a new data breach caused by insecurely configured cloud databases or storage services. Data exposed includes; information on 90% of Panama citizens, 20.8m Ecuadorian citizens, 48 million social media records, 142GB of documents; the list goes on and on.

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Failover is the ability of a system to continue working even if some failure occurs. It suggests that the functions of the system are assumed by secondary components if the primary components fail or if it is needed.

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  • Sebastian Insausti

For this posting, I would like to introduce my joint guest author Naveen Gupta, who is a Principal Security Engineer in the SaaS Cloud Security (SCS) organization.

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  • David Cross