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A survey of end-users of Data Integration and Integrity (DII) software conducted by IDC in 2019 found that dynamic data movement, also known as data replication, is best served by stand-alone or platform tools, not custom code.

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  • Davendra Paltoo

This is the second part of our series focusing on Kubernetes Operators, and it shows how you can build a Kubernetes Operator based on the Bitnami Apache Helm chart. Note that you can refer to the steps in this tutorial to build an operator for your own applications. 1.

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For several years now I’ve been building both GraphQL apps and GraphQL tooling. However, recently, I find myself more and more building apps and less and less building the tooling. That means I'm spending more time as a developer using Dgraph and consuming the tools in the GraphQL ecosystem.

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  • Michael Compton

Above task is done only using terraform!

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  • Harsh Mistry

First off, well done to anyone starting the journey to certification. Just being willing to study and take an exam puts you ahead of most others, so you should be rightly proud. For me, I like the goal of becoming certified and the structured content as a way to keep me motivated.

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  • Matt Lewis

This all started with a tech curiosity: what's the fastest way to scale containers on AWS? Is ECS faster than EKS? What about Fargate? Is there a difference between Fargate on ECS and Fargate on EKS? For the fiscally responsible person in me, there is another interesting side to this.

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Snipsnap is the ultimate snippets collection and VS Code extension that automatically exposes all available snippets for every library you are using in your project. We already have snippets for React, Redux, Gatsby, Next.js, Vue. The full list of snippets you can find there.

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  • Alex Barashkov

The most challenging task to do in a business start-up is to choose the perfect technology based on business needs. In the course of backend app development, any mistake while choosing the right database may cost you a big deal.

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  • Mani Yangkatisal

With many employees working from home, U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) government entities have an even greater need for cybersecurity awareness training. During ordinary times, people dress in work attire, don identity badges, and pass through building security.

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100% of our studio audience learned something!Dave discussed the latest Db2 security methods, procedures and techniques for securing Db2 systems, databases and applications. Watch the replay...

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  • martin

Disclaimer: This blog post is about migrating Percona Monitoring and Management 2 (PMM) data between PMM2 versions, and not for migrating data from PMM1 to PMM2. Restoring data from PMM1 to PMM2 is NOT supported since there were many architectural changes.

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  • Carlos Tutte

When we develop security testing within inconsistent data volume situations, we should consider our use of anti-malware applications that use behavioral analysis. Many of these applications are designed to catch and flag unusual behavior.

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  • Timothy Smith

It is really bad practice to mount a volume and not create a subdir under it for the actual files. This is due to the fact that every filesystem has a lost+found directory in the root, normally owned by the root user. This can create issues with non-root commands and processes.

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Elastic releases are speeding up on the route to Elastic Stack 8.0.0. In the meantime, the version 7.8 follows up the release of ELK Stack version 7.7 just a month ago. This post will go cover some of the updates in Kibana 7.

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  • Gedalyah Reback

This article deploys a new AWS RDS SQL Server using the AWS CLI command: create-db-instance. Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives a managed database service RDS for Microsoft SQL Server. Previously, we deployed the RDS instance using the AWS console.

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  • Rajendra Gupta

19th Jun 2020

In the second part of this series of DBA security tasks, we will continue to look at fixing mysql db users with an insecure setup.

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  • paulmoen

Most often Database Systems outages happen due to user error and it is also the biggest reason for data loss / damage or corruption. In these type of failures, It is application modifying or destroying the data on its own or through a user choice.

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  • Facebook

When the stakes are high, every decision is only as good as the information behind it. With the right information, enterprises and vital sectors can confidently make informed decisions. Data becomes a foundation for action — and a source of differentiation.

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  • Chris Churilo

The PostgreSQL database does a splendid job of managing your persistent data. It does so by using files on your regular file systems even. Ever wondered how PostgreSQL actually stores your data in tables? What about the indexes? Where and how are they stored? 

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  • Bilal Ibrar

As a SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer I would like to implement and investigate error handling mechanism by manually debugging an SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package error to find the cause before deciding to keep or discard the error rows.

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  • Haroon Ashraf

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is something a lot of IT professionals know about but never want to bring up to their clients. MFA is the next step defense in your everyday battle in protecting your day to day operations. So let’s talk about it.

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  • Frank Leonetti

When running in production, a system logs many events and alerts, helping administrators monitor what is happening in a system and be notified automatically when they need to respond to an issue. For example:

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  • Tugdual Grall

Multiple vulnerabilities (known as Ripple20) have been discovered in Treck TCP/IP Stack, the most severe of which could result in remote code execution. Treck TCP/IP Stack are networking protocol libraries that are specifically designed for embedded systems.

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In recent years, the use of platform infrastructure has shifted from on premise to cloud computing. This is based on the absence of cost capital costs that must be incurred by the company if used when implementing IT infrastructure. Cloud computing provides flexibility in every line of resources ie.

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  • Agus Syafaat

The June release of Azure Data Studio is now available. Download Azure Data Studio and review the release notes to get started. Note: After downloading Azure Data Studio, say Yes to enabling preview features so that you can use extensions.

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  • Alan Yu

In this article, I am going to introduce Amazon QuickSight and how to visualize data using it. Amazon QuickSight is a data visualization tool offered by Amazon hosted on AWS and is available across multiple locations.

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  • Aveek Das

Let us see how Azure ML studio can be used to create machine learning models and how to consume them in this series. As we discussed during the data mining series, we identified the challenges in the predictions in data.

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  • Dinesh Asanka

One of the good traits of this plugin is that it allows authentication using challenge-response mechanism which made it possible to verify identity of the client on an unencrypted channel without having a need to send the actual password.

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  • Harin Vadodaria

I have a number of files stored on Azure file shares which I use in my SQL Server environment. Is there any way I can safely backup these files as part of a backup policy? What are the steps I need to perform to accomplish this task?

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  • Mohammed Moinudheen

What AWS service are you struggling to learn? What’s painful? What’s blocking you from doing what you want to do? Has our documentation helped? What’s lacking?

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